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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Holiday Trunk Show A-Go-Go

Warm Fuzzy Knits is participating in the Holiday Trunk Show A-Go-Go this Wednesday, December 1 (that's tomorrow!) at Club DV in San Francisco. The event features over 50 specialty designers from San Francisco and LA. There will be complimentary beauty and spa services, hors d’oeuvres, wine, product sampling and door prizes. There will also be a DJ there to complete the mood. Admission is $10 at the door.

If you're going to be in the area it please stop by and say "Hi"!

~ Christina

Monday, November 29, 2004

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I couldn't post on the actual day, I was in North Carolina visiting my two brothers in law, Ryan and Shea Nyquist. I got a lot of knitting done, ate too much food and just plain relaxed for several days. I just got back into town tonight so give me a few days and I'll tell you more about it (including photos).

~ Christina

Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm in Knitting Heaven

I got so much knitting done this weekend, but even better I finished some projects! First I finished the cranberry scarf I started last week.

Cranberry Scarf

I then knit a quick hat to match a scarf my sister knit. The yarn is Laines Anny Blatt Rustique. I used size 9 needles and cast on 70 stitches. I then knit in garter stitch (since I was knitting in the round it was knit one row then purl the next) for 4 rows. I then knit in stockinette stitch (knit all rows) for almost 5 inches. I then began decreasing (k2tog) every 5 stitches. That left me with 56 stitches. Then I knit a round without decreasing. The next row I decreased (K2tog) every 4 stitches, then I knit a round without decreasing...you get the idea.

Anny Blatt Hat

I knit a pink baby hat with some leftover yarn I had in my stash. I used size 8 needles and cast on 60 stitches. I knit the entire thing in stockinette stitch and decreased like the hat above.

Pink Baby Hat

I also knit a quick, skinny, furry, metallic looking blue scarf out of one ball of Linie 73 Spot yarn. I used size 17 needles and cast on 9 stitches. I then knit in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next row, repeat these two rows) until I ran out of yarn. I liked this scarf so much I bought more yarn from Knitting Arts and started a silver/black/white version.

Blue Linie Scarf & Silver Linie Scarf

I also started a variegated red scarf out of Plassard Rhapsodie color 663 and some furry red yarn I had lying around. I'm using size 11 needles and I cast on 9 stitches. I'm also doing this one in stockinette stitch.

Red Rhapsodie Scarf

Lastly I knit about an inch on Chica's Dog Sweater. I just really hate the yarn (it feels so scratchy and keeps untwisting) and so it's hard to knit more then a few rows before I move on to something else.

I wanted to finish the Cascade 220 Grey Felted Bag, but I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn for the handles. I checked some LYS and no one seems to have any in stock. So if you or anyone you know has any Cascade 220 in dark grey (color 4002) please let me know as I'll gladly buy it off of you!

~ Christina

Friday, November 19, 2004

KnitWhits Vintage Flower Pin Kits

My friend Tina is a knitwear designer and she owns KnitWhits. I mentioned in a previous post that she was coming out with Felted Vintage Flower Pin patterns and kits. Well they're available and I just got one of each kit in the mail. Aren't they the cutest felted flowers you've ever seen?!?

KnitWhits Vintage Flower Pin Kits

The kits come in three different colorways and include the pattern, enough alpaca/angora yarn to complete the project and a pin back. Felting is optional.

Thanks Tina!! I can't wait to knit one up tonight! Now I just need to figure out which one I want to do first.

~ Christina

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cranberry Scarf

So I started another project. I know, I have too many going already and this one isn't even on my list...but I was organizing my stash (right...really I was fondling my yarn) and I happened to set two yarns next to each other that I realized were meant to be knit together in a drop stitch scarf. They just look so great together.

Cranberry Scarf in Progress

Sorry the photo is a bit dark, I don't get the best light here in the evenings. The color is darker then it looks in the photo. It's a really pretty cranberry color...hence the name. One of the yarns I used was Lang Yarns "Mystic Hair" in color 60. I can't find the tag for the other yarn I used.

I went to the Santa Clara Knitting Meetup again tonight. It was fun. We enjoyed ourselves so much we talked about meeting bi-monthly instead of just once a month. Hooray!

~ Christina

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Chica's Sweater Started!

I have finally started to knit Chica's Dog Sweater. It's not much to look at yet, but at least I'm working on it. I'm so used to working on larger needles that I find my shoulder and back starts hurting sooner with this project. I think I'm going to try and alternate between this project and some of my other larger needles projects.

The Beginnings of Chica's Sweater

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Feria Urbana

Sorry I've been silent for the last few days. I've been busy getting ready for Feria Urbana at the Canvas Café in San Francisco.

Warm Fuzzy Knits @ Feria Urbana on Nov. 11, 2004

Mostly I needed to sew the lining and attach the handles on this purse I made (with yarn from my KRSP IPal Molly). Did I mention that I taught myself how to use my sewing machine at the same time? So the sewing isn't the best.

Kureyon Felted Pink Striped Bag

I also needed to finish this hat I had started.

Grey & White Stripped Hat

And I was hoping to sew the lining on these two purses and attached the handles, but as you can see I didn't get the handles on in time. I also wasn't happy with the way the handles turned out on the first bag so I need to visit the Knitters Review Forum and see if anyone has any suggestions.

Kureyon Felted Tropical Bag & Cascade 220 Purple Felted Bag

The fair was a success as my sister and I sold enough items to break even and make a small profit. As long as we can support our yarn habit we're happy.

In any case I promise to post more often and get back to your responses sooner now that the event is over. Then again I have another one coming up on December 19th...

~ Christina

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stitches West

Registration is open for Stitches West!
February 10 - 13, 2005, Santa Clara, CA

Every year the Knitting Universe puts on Stitches West in California. Last year it was up in Oakland. This year it will be down in Santa Clara at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I attended the Stitches Market at Stitches West for the first time last year and was overwhelmed by the amount of yarn and books and needles and buttons and roving and the list goes on and on! Classes usually fill-up really quickly so if you want to take one you need to register soon. If you don't want to pay for a class they do have some free classes that are included with entrance to the Market.

I'm so excited and it's still 3 months away!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Second Package from My KRSP!

It's been a dark, rainy, dreary day...that is until I got a package from
my KRSP! I wasn't in when the mail carrier tried to deliver it the first
time so they left me a slip so I could pick it up at the post office.
Inside the box, wrapped in leopard print tissue, was:

2nd Package from my KRSP

- The Swirling Leaves Hat Pattern from Blackberry Ridge
- A 1400yd skein of hand dyed wool in color (Mallard) from Blackberry Ridge
- A 1400yd skein of hand dyed wool (Joice's Choice) from Blackberry Ridge
- Two pencils decorated in in fall and Halloween designs
- A bottle of Sea Algae Lotion in a custom Vanilla-Almond scent
- An adorable lamb soap
- A mystery egg (I haven't figured out what's inside yet)
- Some yummy candy
- A Halloween card

Close-up of Yarn, Lotion & Soap

What a great package! Thank you, thank you, thank you Secret Pal!

~ Christina

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Gangsta Knitters

Gangsta Knitters are in the House!

Gangsta Knitters


I just came across this link on The Knitter's Review Forum and had to share it with y'all. Check out the video on the site. Pretty freakin' hilarious!

~ Christina

Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm back...

The wedding was wonderful! We were a bit worried it would rain but instead we had a beautiful day and didn't even need to wear the shawls the bride bought us. I knit a wine bottle cozy for the gift basket we had delivered to their room for the wedding night. I got the pattern when I bought the yarn at Knitting Arts. Once the newlyweds are back from the honeymoon I can take a photo and post it.

Ok, so I just read over Nancy's comment on the Bourney Supremacy Scarf post again and realized she was talking about the scarf Franka Potente wears in the first movie: The Bourne Identity, rather then the second: The Bourne Supremacy. Great reading comprehension Christina! I did a search and found the scarf Nancy was talking about...I like it. I might have to add it to my list of future projects.

Franka Potente in "The Bourne Identity"

I haven't had a chance to cast on for the Borne Supremacy scarf so dympna if you have you'll have to let me know how it's going.

Lastly, I got another postcard from my KRSP. Apparently she went to the zoo and spent some time with the polar bears. :) I love getting mail. I'm feeling so spoiled. Thanks pal!

KRSP II Postcard 03 - Henry Vilas Zoo

~ Christina