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Monday, October 04, 2004

> Chica's Sweater

Ok, it's time to start talking about knitting. Let's start with Chica's Sweater. Chica is my Dad and Stepmom's beloved pet dog. They live in Baja and my Dad brought Chica home one day as a birthday present for my Stepmom. Chica's been the favorite "child" ever since! Its hard to compete with a pet, especially one that looks so much like its owner, (both Chica and my Dad have long, shaggy, black hair with silver throughout). So I figure my best bet is to win Chica over and maybe she can help me somewhere in the future with my parents. Hey, it can't hurt.


So I'm knitting Chica a sweater. Now I know what you're thinking...a sweater for a dog that lives in Baja? But it does get colder in the evenings during the winter. Besides, this sweater is a request from my Dad (I'm sure Chica put him up to it, he'll do anything for her). I took my Father and Stepmom to a LYS and they picked out some yarn for the sweater. I then went and found a book of dog sweater patterns (I know that's pretty assbackwards, but what can I say, that's how it happened). I think I've narrowed it down to either the "Bright Stripes" pattern or the Coat from the "Blanket and Coat" set. Either one of these patterns will need to be modified since I'm not doing stripes or images on the sweater. My Dad has given me the measurements, so I think the next step is for me to knit a swatch (I HATE knitting swatches). I'll post a photo once that's done so I'll have an image of the yarn I'm using.

Ta ta for now...


Blogger Christina said...

Hi, visiting from KR.
I was trying to figure out what you meant by "the blueish color that shows up under my "posts" section" Do you mean the line across? If so, look for an hr tag.

Anyway, looks good to me. Cute dog, too.

10:22 AM


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