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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Stitches Stash

Ok, I know I suck for being away for so long, but I've been busy trying to buy a house. It's not that simple of a process in the Bay Area as every stinking piece of property usually has at least 5 offers on it. Anyhow...

I wanted to share photos of the yummy stash I purchased at Stitches West. Please note that this does not include the gifts I bought for my sister (who is also a knitter). Here it goes:

The first item is this beautiful Peruvian Tweed Alpaca yarn I purchased from The Village Spinning & Weaving Shop.

Peruvian Tweed Alpaca Yarn

I want to knit myself a sweater and immediately fell in love with the color and softness of this yarn. I bought 1lb (approximately 1,200 yards) which came in two hanks. Unfortunately when I got it home and started knitting a swatch I discovered that I'm allergic to alpaca! The horror! I'm so bummed. However one of my contractors knits and she might be interested in purchasing the yarn from me.

I also bought these two hanks of hand-painted yarn from Royal Hare.

Handpainted Yarn from Royal Hare

One is 100% Merino and the other is Mohair. I have 140 yards of the Merino. I seem to have lost the label for the Mohair so that's a mystery. I'm planning to make either a scarf or small bag with this yarn.

I saw these three balls of yarn at WEBS.

Wildwood by Valley Yarns

They're made up of Viscose, Mohair, Metallic & Polyester. They're so bright and sparkely! Each ball has 98 yards, so I'll probably make a long, skiny scarf out of each one.

As for patterns, I bought three great sweaters from White Lies Designs. Sarah's Cardigan, the Angelina Vintage Jacket, and the Milinda Pullover. My sister wants me to knit her the Milinda Pullover. We'll see.

Sarah, Angelina & Milinda Sweater Patterns from White Lies Designs

I also purchased the Casual Glamour Capelet pattern from Stitch Diva Studios, along with these super cute notecards.

Stitch Diva Studios Capelet

Notecards & Yarn Yardage Table

The Yarn Yardage Table also pictured was purchased when I bought the Alpaca from The Village Spinning & Weaving Shop.

All in all I had a great time at Stitches and I'm already looking forward to next year!

~ Christina

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Warm Fuzzy Knits @ Feria Urbana

I'm going to be selling handknits at Feria Urbana again this Thursday. Come by and say "Hi"!

Here are the details:

    Thursday, February. 10th, 6 P.M. - 10 P.M.
    The Canvas Cafe & Gallery
    1200 9th Ave at Lincoln, SF

    Find a fabulous Valentine's gift for your sweetie @ Feria Urbana! Come and enjoy shopping for great items from local artists and designers. From the latest chic and unique clothing & jewelry, to home accessories, artwork, and much more. It's a shopping experience like no other. Every event is different so don't miss out!
~ Christina

Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Felting We Will Go

The Cascade 220 Bag is ready for felting!

Cascade 220 Bag Ready for Felting

I'm almost done with it and then I can start another project on my knitting to-do list. Hooray!

~ Christina

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Friday, February 04, 2005

TNNA Review - Knitwhits

So the reason I was at the TNNA Trade Show in Long Beach was KnitWhits. My friend Tina, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at KnitWhits asked me to help out selling her patterns & kits in her booth. As a result I got a sneak preview of all of her great new designs.

Lilley is Tina's experiment with crochet and I think it's so cute. I can totally see this on a hip urbanite (who incidentally would also be wearing cargo pants and ugs).

KnitWhits Lilley Crochet Hat

Lanakai is a new bikini that Tina will be teaching on Knitty Gritty next week. What I love about knitted bikinis is that you can make them a custom fit. I have a very different "top" size and "bottom" size so this customizing is key for me.

KnitWhits Lanakai Bikini

My hands-down favorite though is the Lexi Purse. I love houndstooth! And I think the pink and black is so modern yet somehow classic as well.

KnitWhits Lexi Purse

Tina doesn't have these designs on her site yet but they're coming soon. And all of the stores that bought from her at the TNNA Trade Show in Long Beach should have them soon as well!

~ Christina

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

TNNA Review - Stitch Diva Studios

A few months ago, before I had this blog, I came across Stitch Diva Studios online while searching for a poncho pattern. I liked the fact that I could purchase the pattern and download it immediately. I also liked how modern and her designs were. I bought the Art Nouveau Poncho pattern and used some yarn Tina had given me for helping her at the TNNA Trade Show in Ohio. The pattern was really easy to follow (it was my first venture past scarf/hat/purse land) and I loved my FO. Then I started to see Stitch Diva Studio designs in my LYS Knitting Arts and found out that Jennifer Hansen, the owner/designer of Stitch Diva Studios taught classes at Knitting Arts.

This year at TNNA in Long Beach I got to hang out with Jennifer and see some of her amazing new designs. She has these great new Crochet Flower patterns that make me want to learn to crochet even more.

Stitch Diva Studios Crochet Flowers

Her and Tina of KnitWhits also got together and Tina designed these super cute hats for Stitch Diva Studios. My favorite is the Page Boy hat (middle row).

Stitch Diva Studios Hats by KnitWhits

But I think my favorite pattern is the Casual Glamour Capelet. It's definitely going on my "must knit" list.

Stitch Diva Studios Capelet

I believe Stitch Diva Studios will be at Stitches West so check out her stuff for yourself!

~ Christina

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