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Thursday, January 27, 2005

TNNA Review - Weaving Techniques As Applied To Knits Class

Taught by Lily Chin

In high school and college I wasn't very good at doing my homework. I usually got A's and B's on my tests, but just couldn't ever seem to get around to the homework. It was the same with my homework for this class. I started the homework, and made 3 of the 5 swatches before the class, but didn't quite get around to making the other two. Luckily they were only 1 inch swatches and I was able to do them during the demonstration parts of the class.

Basically Lily had us make 5 swatches in various stitches (seed, stockinette and reverse stockinette) and then she showed us her "up/down" and "in/out" method to weave a separate yarn into the swatches. She also showed us how to us a slip stitch method and create a "weft" thread that we could weave into.

For me the coolest thing about this class was how you can make designs that look like intarsia knitting without...well...intarsia knitting. You can also get some really cool textures in your knitting. Plus, Lily Chin is pretty entertaining. She has a quirky sense of style and humor that keeps you amused. I would definitely recommend this class!

~ Christina

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Blogger spinnity said...

Sounds like a cool technique. I'd love to see the swatches you used in class at SnB or Knitting Meeup.

2:26 PM

Blogger spinnity said...

Psssst - guess who has your knitty gritty tape now?

9:54 PM


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