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Thursday, January 20, 2005

TNNA in Long Beach

Well I'm off again...this time to the TNNA Trade Show in Long Beach. My friend Tina (of Knitwhits) has a booth and I'm going to help her sell her wonderful kits. I also get to take two classes (courtesy of Tina). One is called "Weaving Techniques As Applied To Knits" and is taught by Lily Chin. The other is "Elongated Beaded Bag" taught by Judy Pascale. They should be fun! I have homework for the class with Ms. Chin, but it's not until Sunday AM so I'm hoping I can get it done in the evenings.

I'll be back late Monday night so have a great weekend!

~ Christina


Blogger spinnity said...

Wow, is this a cool opportunity! I hope you have lots of fun & take some pics so we can see what it's like.

Good luck to you & Tina selling her fun kits! I got one for Xmas, and I think the design, packaging & "giftable" nature of the kit are all very cool. Sell lots!

4:44 PM

Blogger Christina said...

Yeah, it was fun. I'm going to do "reports" on what I saw and who I met. I forgot my camera though...so no photos. ;(

5:46 PM


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