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Friday, February 04, 2005

TNNA Review - Knitwhits

So the reason I was at the TNNA Trade Show in Long Beach was KnitWhits. My friend Tina, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at KnitWhits asked me to help out selling her patterns & kits in her booth. As a result I got a sneak preview of all of her great new designs.

Lilley is Tina's experiment with crochet and I think it's so cute. I can totally see this on a hip urbanite (who incidentally would also be wearing cargo pants and ugs).

KnitWhits Lilley Crochet Hat

Lanakai is a new bikini that Tina will be teaching on Knitty Gritty next week. What I love about knitted bikinis is that you can make them a custom fit. I have a very different "top" size and "bottom" size so this customizing is key for me.

KnitWhits Lanakai Bikini

My hands-down favorite though is the Lexi Purse. I love houndstooth! And I think the pink and black is so modern yet somehow classic as well.

KnitWhits Lexi Purse

Tina doesn't have these designs on her site yet but they're coming soon. And all of the stores that bought from her at the TNNA Trade Show in Long Beach should have them soon as well!

~ Christina

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Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

At last I got to meet Tina! And I bought the crochet hat pattern (now that I know how to crochet.) Tina promises it is super-easy. Hoorah! I love silly hats.

1:13 PM


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