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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

TNNA Review - Stitch Diva Studios

A few months ago, before I had this blog, I came across Stitch Diva Studios online while searching for a poncho pattern. I liked the fact that I could purchase the pattern and download it immediately. I also liked how modern and her designs were. I bought the Art Nouveau Poncho pattern and used some yarn Tina had given me for helping her at the TNNA Trade Show in Ohio. The pattern was really easy to follow (it was my first venture past scarf/hat/purse land) and I loved my FO. Then I started to see Stitch Diva Studio designs in my LYS Knitting Arts and found out that Jennifer Hansen, the owner/designer of Stitch Diva Studios taught classes at Knitting Arts.

This year at TNNA in Long Beach I got to hang out with Jennifer and see some of her amazing new designs. She has these great new Crochet Flower patterns that make me want to learn to crochet even more.

Stitch Diva Studios Crochet Flowers

Her and Tina of KnitWhits also got together and Tina designed these super cute hats for Stitch Diva Studios. My favorite is the Page Boy hat (middle row).

Stitch Diva Studios Hats by KnitWhits

But I think my favorite pattern is the Casual Glamour Capelet. It's definitely going on my "must knit" list.

Stitch Diva Studios Capelet

I believe Stitch Diva Studios will be at Stitches West so check out her stuff for yourself!

~ Christina

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Blogger spinnity said...

Wow, cool info on Stitch Diva Studios. I'll definitely watch for her/them/it at Stitches!

6:30 PM

Blogger Lori said...

she also moderates the FunkyFiberFellowship on yahoo groups. They meet every week to crochet or learn some sort of fibery goodness. I've been meaning to go, but they meet in Fremont, and I'm normally too tired to drive up there.

9:44 PM


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