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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Flame Scarf

Yes this is a new project rather then one of the many WIPs lingering on my list. I'm easily distracted. Try not to rub it in OK? :)

Flame Scarf (Pre-Blocking)

I only used one ball of yarn, but I lost the label so I can't even tell you what yarn it was. Anyhow, its knit on size 13 needles using my standard knit three rows then do a row of knits with yarnovers then on the fifth row drop the yarnover so that the stitch is extra long. Pretty basic. And since I made it a bit wider it's a bit short (8" wide by 36" long). But I thought it was a pretty holiday color and it came out OK. Now I just need to block it. Any suggestions on how I would block this type of novelty yarn with out the "hairy" part getting yucky?

~ Christina


Anonymous laurie said...

It's so pretty!

Maybe you could pin it into shape then lightly mist with water?

10:52 AM

Anonymous mel said...

No idea on the blocking front (as I try to avoid blocking whenever possible), but I just wanted to say the color is great! What a cute piece for dreary winter days. :)

4:07 PM

Blogger julia said...

Pretty, Christina! Great job. Missed you at Meetup last night (you too, Mel).

Also, hello! Laurie is blogstalking you! :D

3:07 PM

Blogger Christina said...

Thanks for the tip Laurie, I'll try that. And thanks for the compliments Mel & Julia!

~ Christina

12:25 PM

Blogger spinnity said...

I pretty much only block stuff that will benefit from blocking. Most of my novelty scarves go off the needles & onto the neck. Lace scarves of course get blocked, or you won't see the gorgeous lace pattern, but when the yarn is the focus, I just let them be.

1:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I can't offer any knitting advice, but I can say that I think your scarf looks lovely. That color is fantastic. :)


3:09 PM


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