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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Art Fiber Mohair Scarf

One project I was able to finish while I was on a partial yarn hiatus was the Art Fiber Mohair Scarf.

Art Fibers Mohair Scarf

I don't think I've shown it anywhere on the blog before, except in the "Current Projects" on the right sidebar. It's made with yarn from Art Fibers in San Francisco. Such a yummy store!

Some friends, my sister and I are all having a Holiday Sale/Party in November and I think this scarf will go to that. My sis and I will sell handknits, my friend Maile will sell these great bags she makes and my friend Brandi will sell these amazing cards and printed material she creates. I'll provide more details as the event gets closer for any of you who'd like to come. It should be a fun party even if you don't have any shopping to do.

~ Christina


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