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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fun Sock 01 Finished!

One down, one to go. I've finished the first Meilenweit Fun Sock and cast on for the second.

Meilenweit Fun Sock 01

I haven't blocked it yet, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. I'm not super excited about the striping that happened near the toe, but I can live with it. I also noticed little holes where I picked up the stiches along the heel after turning it and I couldn't figure out why that was happening. Thanks to Spinnity's help, I learned that even though the pattern says "pick up x stitches along the heel..." that I should have picked up and knit the stitches.

I didn't have my tape measure when I was doing the foot of the sock, so I made it a little too long. Luckily my sister has slightly larger feet then I, so she'll get the socks!

~ Christina

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Anonymous c said...

Congrats on the sock! It looks good. What is picking up vs. picking up and knitting?

7:07 PM

Blogger spinnity said...

Yay, Christina! One down, one to go. I actually sort of like the striping near the toe. Adds visual interest.

3:30 PM

Blogger Christina said...

That's so strange. I didn't get an email (like I usually do) when C posted her comment. Anyhow, Spinnity posted the answer on her blog. Check it out there if you're interested.

(Thanks Spinnity!)

~ Christina

6:30 PM

Blogger julia said...

Very nice! Someday I will get up the nerve to try socks. Someday.

8:49 AM


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