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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bad Travel Kharma & TNNA Review

I must have angered the travel Gods because my flights to and from Columbus, Ohio for TNNA were a mess. On my way there I had a connecting flight through Charlotte, NC (Yes, I traveled past Columbus to get there). My flight to Charlotte landed late, 5 minutes after my departing flight to be exact. They held the plane for me, but my luggage didn't make it. Unfortunately I was carrying some items for the KnitWhits booth, fortunately the luggage arrived the next afternoon during booth set-up. My flight back to SFO also was supposed to go through Charlotte, but after sitting on the plan for almost two hours they told us the cargo door wouldn't seal properly and so the flight was cancelled. There weren't any other flights out the night that could get me to SFO, so I was booked on a flight the following day with a connection in Pittsburg, PA. Then a storm hits Pittsburg and we wait on that plane for over an hour before it's safe to take off. As we're landing at SFO the Tsunami warning hits. All in all it was pretty crappy. (Thanks for letting me rant)

But TNNA itself was fun! KnitWhits did well and the booth looked great. Tina introduced several new products. Most notable in my opinion are the super cute Crochet Scarves and the Tigger Toys.

Ella, Ruby, Carmella Spring & Carmella Spice from KnitWhits

Belle, Ernest, Punk & Choco from KnitWhits

I must learn how to crochet so I can make Ella! And maybe I can convince my DH to let me get a cat so I have a reason to make the Tigger Toys.

I was lucky enough to meet Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) and have her sign my bookbookbook.

At Knits End Signed by the Yarn Harlot

She was coming out of the restroom and I pounced on greeted her and she asked me if I knew where the Unicorn Publishing booth was. She was there for a book signing. She was as funny and delightful as she is on her blog. We walked around the hall for a while and she stopped by the KnitWhits booth and admired the patterns/kits. So cool to meet someone in person who you feel you know from reading their blog every week.

The fashion show was interesting, with many pieces knit from shoulder to shoulder and lots of western designs with leather fringe everywhere. My favorite piece was a floor-length black cape made of mohair from Louet with a large oval medallion on the back that looked like stained glass.

As usual, the Great Wall of Yarn was amazing. This is a really long wall where all of the yarn vendors hang long strands of their latest yarns for you to cut and take home in a book.

I also met Justin & Nadine from Be Sweet Yarn (I can't find a website for them). They have their yarn produced in South Africa and it's beautiful. They also happen to be a husband and wife team who own a graphic design studio in Sausalito, so we have a lot in common.

I had a great time in the evenings. Tina, Mia (Tina's assistant) and I had dinner every night with Jennifer and Stephanie from Stitch Diva Studios, Larissa from Offhand Designs and her husband John. It was fun to compare stories from the day and catch-up on how everyone was doing.

Lastly, I did manage to get a very little bit of knitting done on the trip. I brought a small sock project I could do on the plane (you'd think with all of the waiting around I did I would have gotten more done).

Lana Grossa Fun Sock

The Yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun (80% wool, 20% polaymid) in color 99. One ball (100g) is enough for two socks and I'm using size 2 double points. The pattern is the basic Knitting Pure & Simple Beginner's Lightweight Socks. I modified the pattern to have the 1x1 ribbing go down to the heel. It took a while for me to get used to the size 2 needles after working on the Mohair Art Nouveau Poncho on size 13 needles. And now I have yet another project to add to my WIP list. I better get some of them done before I start anything else...

~ Christina


Blogger spinnity said...

I just love the color of your new socky WIP. Mmmmm... socks.

The end bit of our trip to Philadelphia featured a bit of plane shenanigans and luggage delay, so I have total empathy for your plane rant. Sometimes this whole coast to coast travel thing can be a bit much. More reason to stay home & knit!

2:15 AM

Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

Oo, I love the new crochet designs from Tina! I have my crochet hat pattern waiting until winter is a little closer so I can try it -- I'm a halfway decent crochet-er now.

So jealous that you got to meet Stephanie and get your book signed. I am reading it and it's wonderful.

2:51 PM


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