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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iron Power

I finally got off my bum and went out and bought a new iron. Based on recommendations in the comments from this previous post I went with a Rowenta.

Behold the Rowenta DE 480 Cord Reel Iron:

Rowenta DE480 Cord Reel Iron

We (my husband and I) chose this iron from the Rowenta options at Target because of the removable water tank and the push button cord reel. So cool!

~ Christina

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Blogger spinnity said...

Ja, mit einem deutschen bugeleisen geht's gut! Excellent choice, I'm jealous of the cord coiling feature!

2:39 PM

Anonymous julia said...

I can't believe it, but I have iron envy!
I feel a Target run coming on. Must...have...new...iron...

1:47 PM

Anonymous Jeff said...

Hope the iron works out great! I don't have experience with the Rowenta.

When choosing an iron, I focus on weight (heavier), initially, and work from there. You don't want to know which iron I have. ;-)

And, as others have already mentioned, you should ONLY use distilled water.

10:15 AM


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