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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mohair Art Nouveau Poncho

I don't think I've "introduced" this project to the blog yet. It's the Art Nouveau Poncho from Stitch Diva Studios knit with Plymouth Outback Mohair Yarn in color 806.

Mohair Art Nouveau Poncho

I've been knitting it in front of the T.V. and at knitting groups because it's (I thought) a no-brainer project. That is until I noticed that I must have moved one of the markers back near the beginning because the decreases shifted over (look closely at the "line" of stitches going up the middle of the poncho in the photo, you can see it). I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle this. Do I ladder down the poncho to the bottom and fix it? Can I do that if it's on decreases? Do I just leave it and hope no one notices it (non-knitters only, because a knitter would surly notice)? I'm so bummed!

~ Christina


Anonymous sequinK said...

No one is going to notice except YOU, So I'd say that if it really bugs you fix it, if not, leave it! :)

Dropping the stitches will be time consuming because of the mohair hairy-ness, but I think that's the best option if you decide to make a fix. Good luck!

11:39 AM

Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

I'm with sequink, no one's going to notice unless you point it out. I honestly can't tell in the picture, although I might be able to in person.

"Mistakes" are what makes everyone's version of a pattern unique, anyway!

12:38 PM

Blogger Christina said...

Thanks! It just looks so obvious to me because it's on the decreases, which are a focal point of the poncho. Oh well.

~ Christina

11:36 PM

Blogger julia said...

I can't even see it in the picture and couldn't even tell in person until you pointed out the spot to me. I don't think it's nearly as noticeable as you think it is. But, I also know how annoying it can be to keep seeing a mistake in a project. Whether you fix it or not, it's a beauty of a poncho! :)

2:25 PM


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