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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More Yarn & Notions

On Sunday I went to CommuKnity for the Sunday Knitting group. I met Bob who was working on a really cure felted hat, Cindy who was working on what was decided should be an evening bag, and Julie (who I had met before) who was working on a poncho. Erin was working and she sat and knit with us (she's making washcloths for her boyfriend's aunt) for a few short minutes as well.

Of course I couldn't leave the shop without buying something (did I mention I was addicted to yarn?). I purchased two balls of this gorgeous Crystal Palace Kid Merino yarn in color 9798 and two hanks of Manos Cotton Stria in color Mint 213.

Crystal Palace Kid Merino & Manos Cotton Stria

I'm not sure what the Kid Merino will be (possible a scarf or small shawl). The Cotton Stria will be a wash cloth and hand towel set for a special someone (thanks for the idea Erin!).

After knitting with the group at CommuKnity I headed over to the Stitch'n Bitch at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell. Many of the usual gang were there and it was fun to see the progress everyone was making on their projects.

Then yesterday I went into Yarn Dogs in Los Gatos to look over their patterns & books (they've got a great selection) and buy some notions. Sadly I misplaced my bag of notions in Ohio at TNNA. Here's what I got to start with so that I'd have some basics:

Notions from Yarn Dogs

- Brittany Set of 3 Cable Needles
- Susan Bates Yarn Gauge/Ruler
- Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needles
- Clover Small & Large Point Protectors
- Clover Darning Needle Set

I also learned that Yarn Dogs is having a sale this weekend. Yippee, discounted yarn!

~ Christina


Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

I've joined the Manos club -- I bought enough yesterday to make a felted bag. I'll have to get your advice on that.

5:16 PM


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