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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Chica's Sweater Arm Holes

Hooray, I'm making progress on Chica's sweater...finally!

Chica's Dog Sweater up to the Arm Holes

I've knit up to the armholes and I'm now at the point where I'm supposed to close the arm holes and join them with the rest of the body. But I don't get the instructions. Aaaahhh!

Here is the part in the pattern where I made the arm holes:

    (starting with 82 sts)

    Pat across 7 sts. Cast off next 6 sts. Pat across 56 sts (including st on needle after cast off). Cast off next 6 sts. Pat to end of row.

    NOTE: All leg sections are worked at the same time using separate balls of yarn for each section.

    Beg on WS row, work 1.5 ins in pat from cast off sts, ending with RS facing for next row.

And here is the next step that I'm having trouble with:

    Pat across 7 sts. Turn and cast on 6 sts. Turn and pat across 56 sts. Turn and cast on 6 sts. Turn and pat to end of row. (82 sts)

So what I can't figure out is the cast on. What type of cast on should I use? Do I use the first 7 sts when casting on the 6 sts? If I do that then after I've cast on the 6 stitches, when I turn and pat across the 56 sts I'm not at the next arm hole yet. I feel like I'm missing something here. Please help!

~ Christina

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Blogger Dympna said...

I am never good about reading other peoples patterns and telling them what to do.
I'll give it a try anyway.
Things to remember. You need to cast on over the holes that are for the legs.
When I am casting on in the middle of knitting I just loop the yarn around the needles.
Does any of this make sense?
If not hopefully someone who is good about explaining things will help you.
So knit your 7 stitiches in the pattern.
Turn your work so that you are casting on the needles that you just knit your 7 stitches.
Then turn your work again so you are now knitting your cast on stitches.
Make sense?
If not just keep working it until it looks right.
That is what I always do.

9:53 AM

Blogger Christina said...

Thanks Dympna! Reading your comment helped me to see what I was doing wrong. I was thinking I needed to M1 or increase 1 rather then CAST ON the stitches. The light bulb just went on.

3:43 PM

Blogger Dympna said...

Glad it made sense.I always hate to help people with their problems over the internet. I'm just not good at explaining things. I tend to ramble.
I'll try and stop by Sunday.

8:40 PM


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