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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Winter TNNA 2006

Ok, I'm finally getting around to posting about my trip to TNNA in San Diego this January. I went to help my friend the very talented Tina Whitmore of KnitWhits. Her booth was on the corner this year so that allowed her to display her kits and designs on the isle as well as in the booth.

Tina Whitmore in the KnitWhits Booth at TNNA in San Diego, January 2006

The big sellers were two of Tina's new purse designs: Marit & Elyse. The shops really liked the fact that the Marit purse handles were included in the kit.

Marit, Elyse Seafoam & Elyse Salsa from KnitWhits

My favorite part of the trip, other then spending several days surrounded by yarn and knitting, was spending time with other vendor friends. Jennifer Hansen from Stitch Diva Studios, and her trusty sidekick Stephanie Ryan were there with funky and fun new patterns. Seeing her great crochet patterns made me want to learn to crochet. Larisa Flint Snydal from Offhand Designs was there with some cool new bag designs. I really liked the shape of her new "Eve" bag. And Nadine Curtis from Be Sweet was showing off her luscious yarn. She had a throw she called "Heaven & Hell" that was beautiful. It's made from Baby Mohair and one side is brushed so it's really soft, while the other is left along and is curly and a bit scratchy.

Tina, Jen, Me & Steph at TNNA in San Diego, January 2006

Friday was set-up day and coincidentally there was an Action Sports event happening on the other side of the convention center that day. That sparked my memory that my Brother-in-Law Ryan said he was heading to San Diego in January...maybe it was the same time I was there? It was and so he came by Thursday and he and I and his girlfriend and Tina walked to the nearby Gaslamp Quarter for lunch. Then it was back to booth set-up. At the end of the day we got a visit from a goofy Jen.

Jennifer Hansen goofing off with Tina Whitmore's Flore Hat

Saturday was the first day the show floor was open and we were busy taking orders and talking with store owners. That night Tina and I went to dinner at a so-so Thai restaurant with Larissa.

Sunday was another busy day in the booth and that night we went to a super yummy dinner at Island Prime. I had one of the best filet mignon steaks I've ever had and I ordered Risotto as a side dish. You order your meat, and then you pick a sauce, a rub, a compound butter or a mustard. Then you can also choose a side dish that the table can share. It was right on the harbor so there is an amazing view of downtown. I guess the owner is some celebrity chef - Deborah Scott. I'm definitely going back to that restaurant the next time I'm in San Diego.

Monday was the last day for the show, and after working the booth for the day we tore everything down and packed up. I flew home that night (I learned that day that my Mom was in the hospital).

When I got home Tina sent me a box of yarn as a Thank You. Lucky me! Included were ten balls each of Cascade 220 Superwash in colors 831, 847, 824, Cascade Pastaza in color 27 and Di've in color 32011. I think I'll use the Superwash for some baby projects I have on my to-do list. The Pastaza and Di've will probably become sweaters for me.

Cascade Superwash, Pastaza & Di've

All-in-all it was a great trip. I'm looking forward to the East Coast show in June!

~ Christina


Blogger Dympna said...

WOW, what a lot of work. Glad you had fun.
Tina is amazing. I think I need to knit her kits for gifts.
When I'm back to buying yarn is a few weeks I'll go and get one. Should be fun.

10:18 PM

Anonymous sequinK said...

Sounds like a great trip!

The purse kits are CUTE, and you totally scored with the yarnage.

Hope you had fun at Stitches.

4:56 PM


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