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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mystery Kit 01 Finished

I finished the Mystery Kit 01 in the cool colorway. In the interest of keeping it a mystery for those working on the kit I've posted photos here:

Photo 01
Photo 02

I'm giving my sister the kit in the warm colorway. I'm not sure if she'll want to make the pattern included or something else. She's asked me to teach her how to knit a hat.

Now it's off to work on my other WIPs...

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Blogger spinnity said...

hey, how do you get that black background on your photos? Mystery Object #1 looks great! In fact, looks almost exactly like mine.. except without the I-cord knot. I didn't get the pattern corrections until I was 30 rows into the project. I have about 1/3 of my original yarn left.

1:23 AM

Blogger Christina said...

I take the photos on the black leather couch in my office. ;)

My hat doesn't have the i-cord because I was knitting away and I just finished that hat without really thinking about it or referring to the pattern. As I was weaving in the end I remembered I was supposed to knit an i-cord. Oh well!

I was thinking I might have enough yarn left over to knit a baby hat. Then again I don't want to get halfway through it and find out I don't.

8:22 AM

Blogger spinnity said...

I would donate my leftover yarn to your baby hat project! I wondered what I would do with it.

Black leather sofa, huh? I have a _purple_ leather sofa. Maybe that would work just as well? :-)

2:26 AM

Blogger Christina said...

Thank you, that is so generous of you! I thought the hat looked great on you by the way. I just can't pull berets off very well. I think my head is too big!

I bet your purple leather couch would work very well. :)

7:21 AM


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