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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mystery Kit 01 Has Arrived!

A few weeks ago Bogie posted about the Mystery Project Kit #1 from Inspirations Yarn. Basicaly it's a kit that contains a "mystery" pattern and enough yarn in either a cool colorway or a warm colorway (depending on which one you select when ordering). Once I saw what it was all about I just had to try it out. So I ordered two kits, one in the cool colorway and one in the warm colorway, and they arrived today!

Mystery Kit #1 (Cool & Warm) from Inspirations Yarn

Inspirations Yarn decided to keep what the finished knitted item was a secret, so I'll just have to follow the pattern and see what emerges. How fun!


Blogger Bogie said...

I got mine today too! Isn't the yarn nice? I'm knitting the warm colorway for me, and giving the cool colorway to my sister.

I got to the point where you start the decreases and noticed an apparent mistake in the pattern... the corrections are posted on KRF:


Unfortunately, the corrections begin on row 1. You can skip the correction at the beginning, I think I'm going to rip out and start again

11:01 PM

Blogger Christina said...

Thanks Bogie! It looks like they posted a corrected version of the pattern on their site so I've printed out a copy. I was going to start knitting mine yesterday when I realized I didn't have the right size needles. So luckily I haven't started yet. I hope to start tonight though...and now with the corrected pattern!

10:55 AM


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