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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Postcard from my KRSP!

I'm participating in the Knitter's Review Secret Pal II program and I got my first contact from my Pal today...a beautiful postcard! I put in my initial survey that I collected postcards and I guess my KRSP was paying attention. If you're reading this...Thanks Pal!!

KRSP II Postcard

I was part of the first KRSP and it was so much fun! Basically the way it works is at the beginning of the program our AMAZING organizer IndigoMuse has us complete a survey with questions about the type of knitting projects we enjoy, our favorite yarns and colors, the types of knitting tools we like to use, etc. along with our contact info. IndigoMuse then secretly provides us each with a Pal. For the duration of the program we're then supposed to send our pal notes, emails, packages, whatever we want with things we think he/she will enjoy. A reveal date is predetermined at the beginning of the program and when that date arrives we tell our pal who we were. It so much fun selecting, sending and receiving things!

This second round of KRSP program has a blog. We just started so hopefully people will begin posting there soon.


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