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Monday, March 19, 2007

Feather & Fan Shawl

Last March (wow, a whole year has gone by) I posted about some of my purchases at Stitches West. One of them being a hank of Primero from Brooks Farm, which is 500 yards of two ply, sport weight, 100% Kid Mohair. Shortly after that post I started a Feather & Fan shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle using the Primero. The plan was to knit it to wear for my sister's wedding in Baja in May (I thought the feather and fan pattern kinda looked like waves and of course the blue yarn would add to that effect).

I started by knitting a swatch (crazy I know!) to see if I liked the pattern with the yarn and needles I was using. I then wet it and pinned it down to block it. I liked the way it turned out, so I made a few calculation based on the gauge I was getting to determine how many stitches I would need, and I cast on.

It was hard to see the pattern while I was knitting it as the stitches were bunched up on the needles. Plus lace just looks like a garbled mess until you block it. In any case I was making progress and diligently knit on it in the evenings in front of the TV. As the wedding date approached I was getting a bit nervous about finishing on time. I decided that I would bring the project with me and try and finish it as we vacationed in baja the week before the wedding. Unfortunately there were a few things my sister needed help with that week so I never got to finish the shawl. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and I didn't need the shawl.

Once I got home the shawl sat on the needles for a few of months before I picked it back up again. By that time I was pregnant and I wasn't in the mood to knit the first trimester of my pregnancy. However I finally finished it just before going on maternity leave. Now all I have left to do is block it (given I can find the time to do that in between Kyle's naps). I can't wait to see how it turned out!

~ Christina


Blogger Bogie said...

Congratulations on finishing--have you had a chance to block it yet?

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was nice to hear from you!

11:22 AM

Blogger spinnity said...

A yarn that fine will dry in a single afternoon - just wait for a good sunny day and you will easily block this in time for dinner. It looks lovely - can't wait to see it done.

2:34 PM


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